different types of lamp shades

People are constantly in the market for different ways to spice up the design and layout of their homes.

Maybe you’ve just moved into your dream home and are looking for ways to accent the vibe you have set in each room.

Perhaps you’re renovating and realize that there’s something missing. Something that can be fixed with the addition of a piece or two. But what does that look like?

More and more homeowners are using lamp shades as a way to tie their rooms together. Did you know that there are several different types of lamp shades?

Here are the different styles and types that you have to choose from, and how they might benefit your project.


1. Empire

When someone tells you the have a lamp, you’re more than likely envisioning a lamp that has an empire lamp shade on it. In fact, they have a timeless look that can keep your room’s lighting empire lamp shaderelevant for the long haul.

An empire shade has a makeshift funnel shape, of sorts, that mainly filters the light of the lamp from the bottom of the empire shade.

People love to use them for any additional lighting needs in a room, such as on a nightstand or next to your favorite reading chair in the living area.

The best part is that they fit with most room themes and are as useful as they are aesthetically pleasing.

If you’re looking for the right lamp shade shape for a room, and aren’t sure which type will work best with it, then the empire type is a great starting point.


2. Drum

The shape of this particular style of lamp shade is exactly as its name would imply: it’s about the same shape and dimensions as a snare drum.

drum lamp shade

Many home design experts laud drum lamp shades as the go-to choice for any homes using a modern design throughout the house.

What’s even better is that you can mix and match the different sizes of drum shades for a look that’s consistent, yet spontaneous. A perfect pairing with the modern style that
people are flocking to.

The fun doesn’t stop there. You can choose a deep drum shade, semi drum shade, shallow drum shade, or even a retro round lamp shade for an entirely unique look.

You’ll love the lighting that they offer because their shape allows the light to spread evenly both above and below the shade. Perfect for style and purpose… what’s better than that?


3. Oval

There’s not a whole lot that’s left for the imagination to configure with this one… an oval lamp shade is exactly that. An oval.

oval lamp shade

However, there is still a ton of variation that comes with that. Plenty of different ways to show off your style.

Modest homeowners out there will love the classic oval lamp shade that’s retro, yet modern. While a coolie oval lamp shade can be perfect for those small side tables in your house.

Looking to kick up your retro game and add a bit of flare? Pick up a retro oval lamp shade to offer maximum lighting and style.

Much like the drum lamp shade, oval lamp shades filter the light both upwards and downwards, so they’re capable of filling any room with proper lighting.

They can be the perfect compliment to natural lighting during the day, and provide the necessary amount of light during the night time.




4. Square

Those of you out there that are searching for uniformity in your home’s design, as well as every room within it, the square lamp shades might be your favorite choice.

square lamp shadeThey are the perfect pairing to lamps that have a square or straight base to them. This will help you avoid the awkwardness of a round lamp shade with a base that has sharp edges.

Be warned, square lamp shades don’t mesh as well with those rooms that are retro-heavy. However, they fit like a glove with any modern look you’re trying to pull off.

Not only are they great for looks, but they also give off a fair amount of lighting. If Goldilocks were designing her home, she’d pick a square lamp shade because of the lighting levels are “just right”.

Many people also like to use square lamp shades in or around bookshelves. The square shape of the lamp shade sitting beside books of the same shape is a layout that’s very easy on the eyes.


5. Rectangle

Consider rectangle lamp shades the equivalent to oval lamp shades, but with sharp edges. They’re designed to emit more light and be a better option for square lamprectangle lamp shadebases that are a bit larger in size.

Better yet, they fit perfectly along the side of a wall and won’t cause any obstruction to the layout of whatever room they’re in.

You can choose a classic rectangle shade, shallow rectangle shade, or kick it up a notch with the retro rectangle shade.

Retros add a subliminal amount of pizzazz, due to their corners that have no taper. People will notice a difference, but not be able to place what that difference is. Let it be the secret that differentiates your room’s accentuation!


Consider All of These Types of Lamp Shades

Now that you’ve seen and know the details of the different types of lamp shades, it’s time to pick out the right ones for each room in your house.

Each of these provides an accent to your room without overstepping. They’re the perfect “cherry on top” if you will.

Be sure to read this article for more tips on how to modernize your home’s lighting.

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