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Rectangle Lamp Shade

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From: $ 55.00

This shade offers a little extra style for your space. Perfect for table lamps and floor lamps with straight edges and modern decor.

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The rectangle lamp shade adds a modern, contemporary style to your home decor. It is available in a variety of sizes and colors to match the style of your room.

If you’re looking to update to a more contemporary style while adding a nice touch of modern flair, then a square lamp shade is your best choice.

Made in the USA

  • Linen Fabric
  • Styrene Interior
  • Brass Spider Washer Fitter

Lamp shade is measured in inches by top width x bottom width x slant height
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7/5 x 11/9 x 9, 7/5 x 12/9 x 9, 8/6 x 13/10 x 10, 8/6 x 14/14 x 10, 9/7 x 15/11 x 11, 9/7 x 16/11 x 11, 10/8 x 17/12 x 12, 10/8 x 18/12 x 12, 11/9 x 19/13 x 13, 11/9 x 20/13 x 13

1 review for Rectangle Lamp Shade

  1. Marc M

    Great lamp shade for the price

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