The house lighting you use can affect the look, feel, and functionality of your home.

Updating your home’s lighting to be more modern and stylish will make it look beautiful, but it can also give you better versatility to accomplish various tasks.

Read on to learn how you can modernize and update the lighting in your home to make it work for you and your family.

Use Pendant Lights in Kitchens and Dining Spaces

A pendant light hangs from the ceiling to give you bright, directional light. These sleek lights can be found in a huge assortment of styles that range from clean and classic to modern and artistic.

Install a row of pendant lights over your kitchen island to give you brightness for prepping and cooking. They also look beautiful over a dining table instead of the standard chandelier.

When you hang pendant lights, make sure they’re not too low or too high. Most lights come with an adjustable cord or rod so you can easily adjust them to your desired height to get the amount of lighting you need.

Another perk of using pendant lights is that most have interchangeable shades. That means if you get tired of one style, you can easily switch it out with a new shade that suits your style and decor.

Pendants are also wonderful choices of house lighting for a stairway or foyer. Simply install them and hang them low so you can see as you enter your home or walk up the stairs.


Choose Beautiful Shades for House Lighting

Shades add texture and diffusion to the lighting in your home. You’ll find shades on table lamps, but they can also be added to pendants and chandeliers.

When you pick a shade, it can be in any color, shape, and material you desire. Linen and silk are two of the most common material choices, but you can also find glass and crystal if you prefer a bit of sparkle.

Tapered shades are cut at a stylish angle, while drum shades are round and sleek, making them perfect for modern homes. Square and rectangular lampshades are both excellent choices if you’re looking for something with a contemporary aesthetic.

The shades you choose should be in the colors that complement the space. The purpose of light shades is to soften the brightness and diffuse the light to warm up any room.


Have Fun with Lighting Designs

Today’s lighting comes in a huge array of unique designs. You can pick out something classic like a brushed nickel fixture with a white glass shade or go industrial and install a metal cage light.

A mixture of materials like glass and metal make modern lighting more unique than ever before. Spice things up by installing a bold, mid-century Sputnik light over your dining room table.

Make sure that the lighting in your home has the same basic style throughout. This ensures a cohesive, seamless look that stays true to your overall decor theme.

Sconce lights are another excellent choice in lieu of the standard table lamp. These unique lights can be installed directly onto the wall, and you can place one next to each side of your bed to free up space on your nightstand.

Research the latest trends in lighting so you can find a style that works for you. From bold and dramatic to simple and clean, there is no shortage of amazing lighting out there to explore and enjoy.


Try the Newest Technology in Lighting

LED bulbs are surpassing the light bulbs of old, but they’re still being made in new, unique ways. Controllable bulbs that connect to your smartphone will give you more ability to change your lighting than ever before.

These new “smart bulbs” can be adjusted remotely and you can tweak the brightness level, colors, and even set a timer. Look for smart bulbs at most home improvement stores or online.

When you add smart LED bulbs to your home, you should see some serious energy savings. LED is more efficient than the classic incandescent bulbs.

Another way to save energy costs is to turn your lighting on and off with a simple timer. The lights turn on when you need them, and they turn off automatically when you don’t.

An automatic timer makes it much easier since you won’t have to worry about shutting off every single light in the home. Only use lighting in rooms where you are relaxing, cooking, or working. By simply utilizing light just when you need it, you’re reducing your energy consumption.

Remember to have fun with the lighting and shades that you choose. Combine that with some of the new technologies available, and you’ll have better control over both the functionality and the design. Another tip is to only buy bulbs that bear the Energy Star label.


Make Your Lighting Fun Again

From funky and creative designs to functional smart bulbs, the house lighting you choose can have a significant impact on every space. Pick out lights that reflect your style and personality to make each room unique.

When you choose a lampshade, look for drum shades, tapered options, or square designs for a modern touch. Use your lighting in a responsible way so you can help to cut down your energy costs and consumption.

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